Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Carrie (2013)

Director: Kimberly Peirce

Stars: Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore, Gabriella Wilde

Carrie White is a teenage girl with no friends, and a crazy religious mother.  Just the two of them live in house.  Carrie is tormented by the other girls in gym class when Carrie gets her period for the first time and has no idea to what is happening in her body.  The gym teacher punishes the girls for throwing tampons at her by giving them a gym detention.  After the insentient, Carrie discovers she has telekinesis. One of the girls, Sue, feels bad about what she and her friends did to Carrie, so she asks her boyfriend to talk Carrie to the prom instead.  Chris is the bitch girl of the school has a plan for her at the prom.

Why in the hell did they even think about making this movie?  I'm about to rip this one a new ass.  Ok, neither one was close to the book, but this one was closer, but who the hell cares.  The character of Carrie was not to be pretty in any way.  She was suppose to be fat and pimply. Sissy was pale and covered in freckles which was closer.  When it comes time for prom, she is not suppose to look all pretty like a fairy tale, just pretty but still very plain. 
This Gelfling that they got was so wrong for the part.  The character picked up the whole telekinesis thing like she had been doing from birth, and she was just aware of it.  She looked like a cross between a Gelfling and the Phoenix from X-Men.  She can make a dress like that, but normally dresses like a "special" extra on Little House.  She was way too calm in all of her lines.  It was like she was trying to talk a puppy from under something. 

I love Julianne Moore, and she is a great actress.  What was she doing in this piece of crap?  Was her mortgage due?  That is the only thing that I can think of.  The acting by the entire class looked as if they were all on sedatives.  Where was the driven emotion?  Look at what was going on.  Her voice was so soft for most of the movie.  She just seemed heavily medicated not really crazy.
You cannot ever compare the two cast, because the original was a thousand times better without the need for some CGI crap being flown around the room.  The acting is incredible with some great lines being yelled.  I still use them today.  This is my favorite horror movie, and it is not even scary at all.

I have seen where people are praising this remake.  I don't see it, and no one else that I have spoke to likes it either.  I say skip this one completely, unless you are forced to watch it.  I watched it, so you don't have too.   

                                                                   Carrie (2013) Trailer

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