Sunday, January 5, 2014

Alice Sweet Alice (1976)

Director: Alfred Sole

Stars: Linda Miller, Mildred Clinton, Paula E. Sheppard, Brooke Shields

Alice and Karen live with their mother whom is recently divorced.  Karen received most of the attention by everyone, which made Alice very jealous and starved for attention.  At Karen's first communion, she is brutally murder.  Her Aunt believes that Alice had something to do with Karen's death.  The Aunt is attacked in the stairwell by what appears to be a little wearing a baby doll mask and a yellow rain jacket.  This makes everyone believe more that it maybe Alice who is killing and attempting to kill people in the neighborhood.  How could a little Catholic girl commit such crimes, or 
is it someone else?

If Brooke Shields had not grow up to be a big star, then this movie would have been lost like so many horror movies of the seventies.  The baby doll mask that the killer was wearing was something that no one wants to see in the dark.  It is so sweet and innocent, but a killer or nut job lives behind the mask.  That just makes you feel not safe.  The neighbor was this nasty fat child molester that tried his best to get that little girl on his "lap".  That was a really crappy set of apartments, but the kids lived in a clean one.  I guess the mother had nothing else better to do than to redo the place.
This movie just kind of just sat there for me.  It not bad or good.  It is just there.  It's pretty much forgettable, except for that mask.  That is the only thing that really stands out in the movie.  Well, the murders and attempted murders that happen in a church.

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