Sunday, January 5, 2014

24 Nights (1999)

Director: Kieran Turner

Stars: Kevin Isola, Aida Turturro, Stephen Mailer, David Burtka, Robert Bogue, Mary Louise Wilson, John Rothman

At the age of 4, Jonathan Parker had a run in with a Santa Claus with his mother that left a standing impression with him.  He's now 24, and his parents have passed away.  He was raised and still living with his older sister, Marie, and her husband, Stan.  Jonathan works at a gay bookstore in New York City, smokes a lot of pot and still believes in Santa Claus.  He has only had bad luck at dating, so he gets the idea to write to Santa Claus and asks him to bring him a boyfriend on Christmas Day.  Toby, David Burtka, comes into the bookstore looking for a job.  As soon as Jonathan sees him he thinks he is the one that Santa sent to him, but Toby has a boyfriend, Keith.  Now everyone gets to deal with him over reacting about every move and word.

This is a bad gay Christmas movie.  Well, ok.  It was a small independent movie, but a few little changes would have made a much better movie.  David Burtka has the worse southern accent I have ever heard.  It is the one that people use to make southerners sound slow and stupid.  The story was pretty good, but the main character needed the most changing.  He was pretty pathetic.  He was the type of guy people warn you about not to date.  He was pushy and manipulating.  Ugh, no.  He was trying to break-up Toby and Keith, just so he could get what he wanted, so he had his friends and sister do want they could to help.
Mary Louise Wilson plays the alcoholic mother-in-law.  Her character was the best in the movie.  She was a bit mean spirited, loud and opinionated.  She was secretly a good woman at heart, but she didn't like to show it.

If you meet someone that is an adult and they still write letters to Santa, you better run the other way.  They have lost their shopping cart and their three dogs, and they need a new place to dirty up.  Watch it if you may, but there are better movies out to watch.  This one was watchable, not meaning really 
good.  Enjoy. 
24 Nights (1999) Trailer

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