Thursday, January 19, 2017

I Shot Andy Warhol (1996)

Director: Mary Harron

Stars: Lili Taylor, Jared Harris, Martha Plimpton, Michael Imperioli, Stephen Dorff

The true story of Valerie Solanas, the radical feminist who became notorious after shooting art world icon Andy Warhol, is portrayed in this fact-based drama. In an attempt to present a fair assessment of her actions, writer-director Mary Harron focuses on Solanas' troubled life, from her childhood as an abuse victim to her life as teenage prostitute in New York City. These experiences left Solanas deeply scarred, contributing to a hatred of men that later found full flower in her famous "SCUM Manifesto," an extremist tract calling for the establishment of a "Society for Cutting Up Men." Deeply troubled, she nevertheless briefly finds hope after befriending young transvestite Candy Darling and discovering herself on the fringes of the wild, colorful world surrounding the eccentric Warhol. She becomes obsessed with the idea that Warhol's support could change her life, only to become violently enraged when the artist and his friends begin to turn away from her.

This is such a good movie about a really strange nut job that thought it was okay to shot and/or try to kill Andy Warhol. I mean Valerie was straight up crazy. There are no other better words to describe her. I mean bugged the hell out of Warhol when he was just being nice in saying that he liked her play. See people that is what happens when you are nice to strange crazy people. You get shot. She was a man hating lesbian that was a prostitute on the side. Only when she was not yelling at strangers about her man hating. It was a very odd time period though, so what do you really expect.

The cast was the highlight of the whole movie. They were wonderful. Lili Taylor was great as Valerie, but there is nothing that she is bad at. She is so good at playing these crazy or needy woman roles. She can really bring those characters to life. Martha Plimpton does no wrong in my book. I am just so glad that she is still working. It is always good to see her comedic work. Stephen Dorff was the biggest surprise as Candy Darling. He was great in it. I wanted to see more of him in the movie.

I think this is an absolutely great movie. It came out during those wonderful 90's when we were flooded with indie movies. This was one of the good ones. If you have never seen this movie, then you need to find a copy to watch it. It was well worth watching. Enjoy.

I Shot Andy Warhol (1996) Trailer

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Streetwise (1984)

Director: Martin Bell

Stars: Roberta Joseph Hayes, Baby Gramps, Erin Blackwell

Photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark and director Mark Bell travel the streets of Seattle, where they take a harrowing look at the lives of young members of the city's homeless population. The teenagers they follow come from broken families and have resorted to drug use, crime and prostitution. The two follow the teens as they attempt to survive on the streets and also deal with their complex, dysfunctional home lives and cling to one another to achieve a sense of family.

This was an interesting documentary on homeless youth. It is sad that this is how some kids grow up. You wonder where their parents are at? Why are they not taking care of their own children? D they not care for them? The sad part is that most people do not care about kids like this. Churches are about the only places where kids like this can go for help, but most are afraid to go to jail or reform school.

This is what happens to children, if the parents are not taking care of the kids or themselves. That is the reason many of these kids are selling their bodies and eating from dumpsters. It is a shame that this still goes on in this country.

If you are interested in the subject, then you may not enjoy it. This movie is just filled with interviews, and that is it. There is not any action or "scenes" that you will miss by not watching it. I just found it neat. Enjoy.

Streetwise (1984) Trailer
Streetwise (1984) Full Movie

The Family Stone (2005)

Director: Thomas Bezucha

Stars: Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Claire Danes, Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Craig 
T. Nelson, Luke Wilson, Tyrone Giordano, Brian White, Carol Locatell

Everett Stone wants to bring his girlfriend, Meredith Morton, to meet his bohemian Connecticut family at Christmas. Straitlaced Meredith, feeling she needs backup, asks her sister Julie to come along. Hoping to win the approval of her boyfriend's parents Sybil and Kelly and the rest of the family, instead Meredith succeeds only in highlighting her uptight personality and making Everett doubt his intentions.

This is one of those my family has some issues Christmas movie. Which can make a person relate to this movie more than others. There are many messed up families out there, but this one is mainly just has their own problems. They are a very close loving family that is dealing with their mother's health issues over the past few years. The family is very diverse. You have the successful oldest son, the pot smoking arty son, the daughter that got married and had their grandchildren, the daughter that was still living at home finding herself then you have the gay deaf son and his black partner. Do you any more different types of people in a movie? It is a bit much don't you think.

That was the major problem of the movie. There were just too many people in the movie. There are so many characters in the movie that at times they just become entangled with one another. If they were just one or two children less in the movie would have been better. There were a lot of people that did not really like this movie at all, and I understand why. This movie was so far from reality that you could have included a dragon and trolls to it. If anyone has a family like this at the holidays, you need to run away from them. It is just all weird.

The cast for this movie was great. I saw no problems at all in any of the performances. Some of the characters themselves were not the best or interesting. The character of Meredith had that stupid throat clearing thing that was more annoying than anything else. The mother in the movie was way too dramatic and passionate at times. Some of her reactions were just too much. Everything in the movie just went way too fast. It all happened in a few days right before Christmas. It was all a bit too much at times.

Do not get me wrong. I did like this movie, but I do understand why people did not like it. The movie had its good point and bad ones as well. It is a Christmas movie that is a bit dysfunctional. This is a movie that I think that you should give it a chance. It is not a bad movie at all. It is well worth it. Enjoy.

The Family Stone (2005) Trailer

The Finest Hours (2016)

Director: Craig Gillespie

Stars: Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Ben Foster, Eric Bana, Holliday Grainger

In February of 1952, one of the worst storms to ever hit the East Coast struck New England, damaging an oil tanker off the coast of Cape Cod and literally ripping it in half. On a small lifeboat faced with frigid temperatures and 70-foot high waves, four members of the Coast Guard set out to rescue more than 30 stranded sailors trapped aboard the rapidly-sinking vessel.

This movie is based on a true story. I do not think it was a very interesting story, but they did not make a very interesting movie. It was like they were just trying way too hard to make this super dramatic movie filled with action and a romantic story. Nothing was just that convincing in the movie to really pull you into the story. It was all just average.

The cast was not the best, but it is a cast that they are pushing to be the next level of top actors for movies. The good actors are now too old, so they are bringing in these actors that are just average. They are not great or bad. It just seems that they just get the job done. Chris Pine is good at roles, but it is the dramatic roles that he really has not sold us on yet. He may get there. Casey Affleck is not his brother at all. He is not half as talented as Ben is. He is in more and more movies now. He disappeared for a while, and now he is back in bigger movies. Eric Bana  is okay in movies. I liked him as The Hulk. Ben Foster is one of the best out of all of the actors. He was so good when he started in movies and cable.

The look and the action in the movie was good. The movie just ran too slow too often for me. I just was not that impressed with the movie. I wanted to see it, but it just let me down. You may really like this movie. It received many good reviews. I just had a problem with it. Give the movie a chance and 
see how you like it. Enjoy.

The Finest Hours (2016) Trailer

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

Directors: Chris Renaud, Yarrow Cheney

Stars: Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Albert Brooks, Dana Carvey, Steve Coogan

Max is a spoiled terrier who enjoys a comfortable life in a New York building until his owner adopts Duke, a giant and unruly canine. During their walk outside, they encounter a group of ferocious alley cats and wind up in a truck that's bound for the pound. Luckily, a rebellious bunny named Snowball swoops in to save the doggy duo from captivity. In exchange, Snowball demands that Max and Duke join his gang of abandoned pets on a mission against the humans who've done them wrong.

This was such a funny cartoon or animated movie, whatever you what to call it. It was a really good movie. I am just so glad that none of this happens while we are not at home, or does it? That would be the craziest part of the whole, if all of this really happened, but we know that it does.

The different characters in the movie had this movie so funny. They all had their own different personalities that made this movie entertaining for all ages, not just children. The look of the movie itself was great. The animation of the movie was slick and clean. You did not see any of the movie get choppy or jumpy in any way. All of the scenes of the movie look really good.

The cast of all of the different voice work did not take away from the movie at all. You were not sitting there going who's voice is it? Nothing was really distracting from the movie. I was just glad it was not filled with song and dance scenes. That would have almost made me turn it off.

This was a great movie worth watching by the whole family. I think this is a movie that could be added to your own private collection. Enjoy.

The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

Troll 2 (1990)

Director: Claudio Fragasso

Stars: Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, Margo Prey, Deborah Reed

A young child is terrified to discover that a planned family trip is to be haunted by vile plant-eating monsters out of his worst nightmare. His attempt to save his beloved family is assisted by the spectra of his deceased grandfather.

There was not a troll in this entire movie. They were goblins. That is not the same thing folks. This movie did not even need to be made. It does not add or take away anything from the first movie. There was really no point in the movie at all, especially since there were no trolls in the movie at all.

The story for this movie was really stupid. I mean, who in the hell is going to take a vacation to a small town. There is nothing there to do, you do not have any family to visit there, so why in the hell would you go on vacation there? How would a town like this even survive for all of these years without anyone else knowing about it? The characters were some of the worst that I had seen in any movie.

The special effects for the movie was terrible. They people died in bubbly lime jello on the floor. That is what it looked like. It was so bad. One of the various Emmanuelles from the infamous "Emmanuelle" series of soft-core porno movies designed this movie's pitiful costumes. That should give you some indication of their quality. They were like burlap sacks with a rope tied around the waist. That woman could have done a better job.

The acting is really bad. Deborah Reed was that weird and strange witch like woman that was over the goblins. She was so bad that all of her scenes were almost funny. I do not mean her lines in the movie. It was the different expressions on her face. They were so bad but really funny. She was just overacting all over the place. Most of the rest of the cast was doing the same, a little bit. All of the "performances" were a bit over the top.

I do not know, if I can call this movie a good bad movie. It is just so bad that it is just unwatchable. It really is not really that neat or off the wall. The movie was just stupid to sit through. I know there will be people that will love this movie. I watched it, so you don't have to.

Troll 2 (1990) Trailer

Friday, January 13, 2017

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)

Director: Kirk Jones

Stars: Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, Michael Constantine, Lainie Kazan, Andrea Martin, Joey Fatone, Alex Wolff

Parenting and marriage is becoming tougher and tougher for Toula and her husband Ian. Not only has their relationship lost some of its spark, but they're also dealing with a rebellious teenage daughter who clashes with Greek traditions. On top of that, Toula must contend with aging parents and the endless needs of cousins and friends. When a shocking family secret comes to light, the entire Portokalos clan makes plans to come together for an even bigger wedding than before.

We have been brought back for another wedding with the Portokalos family, but this time it's Toula's parents that are tying the knot. We get to see the whole family again. This movie is loaded with a lot of the same jokes, and the movie is set up close to the same way the first one was.

The cast came back for the sequel, so you do not have to worry about not recognizing anyone in the movie. You learn a bit more about the characters. It has been 14 years since the first movie, the characters have aged and had children of their own. It made the movie seem more like a family movie than ever. All of this just made the story richer. The movie felt like a "hello" from Nia Vardalos. She was bring her fans another story from this family that she has created.

The main difference of the movie was Lainie Kazan. What in the hell did she do to herself? She looks like the Joker. That mouth and smile is just stretched out way too much. It was so distracting for the movie. I just looked at that mouth every time she was on the screen. It was a big mistake for her.

I still really did like this movie. The movie was not disappointing at all. I still really did like the dialogue, and I think that this one is still a good family movie. If you have not seen this movie, then you may want to give it a try. You may really like it. You just need to watch it with an open mind. Enjoy.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016) Trailer

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fences (2016)

Director: Denzel Washington

Stars: Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Stephen Henderson, Jovan Adepo, Russell Hornsby, Mykelti Williamson

Troy Maxson makes his living as a sanitation worker in 1950s Pittsburgh. Maxson once dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player, but was deemed too old when the major leagues began admitting black athletes. Bitter over his missed opportunity, Troy creates further tension in his family when he squashes his son's chance to meet a college football recruiter.

I have actually read bad reviews of this movie. People say it is too slow and boring. That is there just too much dialogue in the first half of the movie. Do people not know what a drama is? There is a lot of talking in a drama. There are not much action at all in dramas, no explosions. Hello!

You can tell that this was originally a play, since the cast was so small, and the movie took place main in the house. This play made a wonderful movie. It was very entertaining and emotional. It is not a sad movie at all. There is just some real tough emotional arguments that steal the whole movie.

Denzel Washington was great at directing this movie, but he was great in starring in this movie as well. It is hard to see him as a bad man in a movie. He did it the movie Flight. You hated him in it, but in this movie, it was worse. He was being bad to his family. That just makes it all worst. Viola Davis delivered the best performance that I had seen last year, maybe even the past few years. She can really bring on the tears when needed. It was her lines that really drove the movie home emotionally. She needs to get that golden statue for this movie. The rest of the cast was great. The movie had such a natural flow and feeling to it, that it seemed as if you really were looking into a family's private life. Nothing acted as if it was well rehearsed.

I thought this was a great movie. It is a movie that the family can watch, as long as they can understand what is going on in the movie. It deserves all of the awards that it receives, and I hope that is many. See it. Enjoy.

Fences (2016) Trailer

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Director: Ben Stiller

Stars: Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Jon Daly, Kathryn Hahn, Adam Scott, Shirley MacLaine, Joey Slotnick, Sean Penn, Patton Oswalt

Walter Mitty, an employee at Life magazine, spends day after monotonous day developing photos for the publication. To escape the tedium, Walter inhabits a world of exciting daydreams in which he is the undeniable hero. Walter fancies a fellow employee named Cheryl and would love to date her, but he feels unworthy. However, he gets a chance to have a real adventure when Life's new owners send him on a mission to obtain the perfect photo for the final print issue.

I do not understand why they had to remake this movie. If you have seen the original version with Danny Kaye, you would understand. It is a funny comedy from 1947. I was not expecting much from this remake at all. I'm not the biggest fan of Ben Stiller. He likes to fill his humor with funny looks or voices that are not really funny. I was really afraid that this movie was going to be filled with that nonsense. I was surprised.

Ben Stiller took to this role in a more mature serious matter with little humor. There were a few times that he did the whole funny look in his eyes and it was a little silly, but it all could be overlooked. It did not take away from the movie at all. He was really good in the movie. You care about what happened to this man. Kristen Wiig had a really simple watered down part in the movie, but it was a good thing. She was not being all wacky and stuff. She was this simple single mother that just trying to life her life. I loved how simple yet complex both of these characters were in the movie. It made the movie little more serious than comical. I liked that twist.

Now the rest of the cast was really good was well. Adam Scott was that corporate management asshole that everyone want to fall out of a high window. He was really good at that role. He even looked the part of a fake man with no personality or soul. That is how those people are, dead inside. Shirley MacLaine was perfect as Mitty's mother. She was not in the movie that much, but she really did leave an impression on my mind. I love her.

This is a movie that you need to give it a shot. It is well worth watching. It is a bit of a slow movie, but at least the movie is interesting. The story is good. Enjoy.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) Trailer

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dracula (1979)

Director: John Badham

Stars: Frank Langella, Laurence Olivier, Donald Pleasence, Kate Nelligan, Jan Francis

A man washes ashore in England after a shipwreck and is found by Mina Van Helsing. The man introduces himself as Count Dracula of Transylvania, and proceeds to integrate himself into the lives of Mina and her friend Lucy Seward. However, when Mina dies and her father, Prof. Van Helsing, attributes her death to a vampire, evidence indicates that Count Dracula is the monster, and Lucy is his next target.

This is the most romantic version of Bram Stoker's Dracula that has ever been made. If there was a lot of nudity in the movie, this could have been a Playboy version of Dracula. There was key lighting with lustful embraces and passion. There was not really any horror in this version at all.

Frank Langella portrays Dracula in this movie. He is tall dark and handsome with his white shirt half way open exposing his hairy chest. He made this role more sexy than frightening. Donald Pleasence does no wrong in a horror movie or any movie for that matter. The real shock was that Laurence Olivier was in the movie. When actors get older they take what they can get to still be in movies.

This is still a good movie, but it is not really a horror movie at all. it is more of a romantic drama than anything else. If you have never seen this movie, then you may what to give it a try. The movie gives you a soft take on a very familiar story. Enjoy.

Dracula (1979) Trailer

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

Director: Roland Emmerich

Stars: Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Sela Ward, Judd Hirsch, Vivica A. Fox

As the Fourth of July nears, satellite engineer David Levinson investigates a 3,000-mile-wide mother ship that's approaching Earth. Fortunately, 20 years earlier, nations across the world started to use recovered extraterrestrial technology to develop an immense defense program. When the alien invaders attack with unprecedented force, the U.S. president, teams of scientists and brave fighter pilots spring into action to save the planet from a seemingly invincible enemy.

What in the hell was this? Was I watching someone play a video game? Because that is what it really seemed like. The movie was like the beginning of a video, then by the middle of it, you get to play the game. This was one of the worst movies that I have seen. The first one was so good. Why in the world would they even think about making a sequel to it? Oh yeah, they wanted more money, and they were not think about making a good movie, just a large profit. The sad part is that it did not make half of its money back. It was a flop.

Some of the cast came back to play their role, but Will Smith said not. That is the main reason that the movie did so bad. If Smith would have been in the movie, then it would have made a lot more money. I'm sure of it. The movie would not have been any better. The cast was the only good part about the movie. The story was almost the same as the first. There was not any new material to add to the story. We have seen this all once before, but they thought that we needed to see it again all of these years later.

The only good that can be said about the movie is that the special effects were really good. The aliens looked cheesy, but they were still good, and they looked the same. The explosions cause by the alien ships looked great. That is the only good that can be said about this movie, the destruction of the Earth. That is sad.

There was no point at all for this movie. It added nothing to the storyline or the cause. It was not even that entertaining. It is not worth watching. This is a movie to stay away from. Watch some paint dry instead. I watched it, so you don't have to.

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) Trailer

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Troll (1986)

Director: John Carl Buechler

Stars: Michael Moriarty, Shelley Hack, Noah Hathaway, Sonny Bono, Phil Fondacaro, Brad Hall, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Gary Sandy

In order to get his life back as a wizard, Torok the troll plans to take over an apartment building. His first step is to possess young Wendy Potter. Her brother, Harry, is the only one who suspects something is wrong. Fortunately, neighbor Eunice St. Clair is a witch and not only believes Harry but also agrees to help him. Meanwhile, as Torok, Wendy starts transforming other building tenants into mythical creatures, and only Harry can stop him.

This is one of the worst horror movies out there, but it is so bad that it is good and fun to watch. This is one of those movies that I have a love/hate for. Oddly enough the movie was a bit of a hit. It made four times the cost of making the movie. No one would have thought that.

The story for this movie is more for younger kids, tweens at the time period. I mean a troll is taking over an apartment complex to make its home. There is no  blood or gore at all in this movie. The only violence in the movie is seeing someone being thrown across a room. There is nothing shown in this movie that could warp a child at all.

The strangest part of the movie is the cast. There are some well known names at the time with some now famous actors just starting out. Michael Moriarty and Shelley Hack have both been in a lot of horror movies. Noah Hathaway was from The Neverending Story. Sonny Bono is even in this movie, but it was the days where he would show up for anything. Then you even have Gary Sandy from the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati. The best cast member is the now famous Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She got her start in this bad movie.

I think they should still put out toys from this movie. It would do rather well. Just think all of the adults and horror fans that grew up with this movie. There could be plush dolls of the trolls and action figures of the cast. I think it would be brilliant.

If you have never seen this movie, then you need to. It is worth watching, but I warned you that this is a bad movie. Do not think this is a great horror movie that is also really scary, because it is the opposite. Enjoy.

Troll (1986) Trailer